The School Planner consists of
- Homework Diary, dated pages for 40 weeks
- School-Specific Pages, e.g. Customisable timetables for each term, Maps of Thailand, ASEAN and the world, Periodic and conversion tables, Pages for personal and school information, Math- and grammar rules, rewards

Our skilled school planner design team take on the design work for you.
We offer you a library of planner page ideas to give you starting points.

An engaging, comprehensive generic student planner suitable for all kinds of schools.
With full colour pages throughout and a bright, modern front cover design, this high quality planner is a cost effective option that can be used by the whole school.

Solutions for the ultimate student planner:

Planner Cover Personalisation:
Our design team can create a individual cover to reflect your school colours, incorporate your school logo or crest, achievements and awards logos. Space can be left for name, class, teacher name and any other important information. (or why not let the students design a planner cover? Or run a competition for the students to design a cover each and pick a winner?)

Create an effective praise & rewards, sanctions and discipline records system for your school and incorporate this into your student planners: Students tend to look after the planner more carefully if it contains a record of all the rewards they have earned.

We also offer a range of optional additions to the student planner, e.g. plastic pockets to hold loose items or ruler at low cost.

Example Student Planner

View our online sample student planner for ideas on planner structure.