We are the first dedicated provider offering Yearbooks & School Photography together to schools in Thailand!

We have 17 years of school photography experience creating yearbooks in Germany and as an acknowledged expert in our field; we have produced over 1.5000.000 yearbooks for hundreds of satisfied schools.

Now we can at last offer this incredible solution to provide ALL pupils with a yearbook, in Thailand.

We know from experience that once you have decided to receive our yearbook, you can look forward to planning an even easier, quicker and more convenient PR campaign for your school with next year’s issue – and this is why we are offering you our unique yearbook service with no oppressive contracts in the coming years.

It’s now been made so easy for your school to enjoy the many benefits of a professionally designed yearbook. We will show you how you can hold your colourful and beautifully produced yearbook fresh from the press in your hands.

Using our well established and proven system, we will design the layout for your yearbook using your text and pictures.
Now you can present your school to the public professionally in the current school year. Your pupils will be surprised; parents will be delighted and they will ask themselves how a perfect yearbook can be made at this low prices.

Want a great school picture experience for your students, parents and school?